Pet Clinic Etiquette

Posted on: February 28, 2017

Pet Clinic Etiquette


Some of the best advice that we can give our clients is how to interact in our lobby with your pets.


All Cats need to be in a carrier and all dogs on a leash.

This means that even if your dog or cat is the sweetest, most cuddly pet around, there might be dogs, cats or other species in the clinic that are not as friendly. If the staff at the clinic suggests taking one of our free leashes provided by the office, please take it! Safety is our main concern, and even if your pet is perfect, others might not be. The lobby of a Vet Clinic is not the proper place to try and socialize your pet. Some pets can be extremely nervous and act out of fear while other pets may be very protective of their owner. A carrier or leash ensures that your pet is kept safe and under your control and can be kept away from other pets that may be sick or injured. On the same topic, respect the personal space of those pets around you. Keep retractable leashes in check and an eye out for pets around corners.

Even if your cat is very well-behaved at home, fear can cause them to be very sneaky. A carrier is a reliable way to make sure your cat makes it from the house to the car and from the car to the clinic without escaping. Once you’re in the waiting room, a carrier is a safe place for your cat to be kept out of the way of potentially aggressive animals or taken to a quieter part of the reception area.

Traveling can be a stressful time for cats, especially if their carrier is a foreign place to them. Cats should become acclimated to their carrier before going to your veterinarian; the carrier should act as a safe haven for your animal.

Proper Puppy Protocol

When visiting your vet for wellness check-ups and vaccinations carry your puppy in your arms outside and leave him on your lap while waiting in the lobby. Walking where other dogs have walked and gone to the bathroom will increase your puppy’s risk of contracting disease. Please do not allow your puppy to greet other pets in the lobby. Your puppy has not been fully vaccinated and is at a higher risk of catching something, vet hospitals do see sick pets and you want your puppy to remain as healthy as possible.


Accidents Happen


Please alert the staff if your pet has an accident in the building. This is a very common occurrence and nothing to be embarrassed about. The staff just needs to know, so we can clean it up quickly and efficiently. Pets may use the bathroom inside the clinic for a variety of reasons ie: They are anxious, marking territory, or really excited. We keep a mop handy at all times for just this occasion.