Shonda Burns, Professional Pet Groomer

Shonda always had pets growing up and always wanted to be a biologist or work with animals doing research so her interest in pets has always been there. She likes seeing the pets that she works with all the time. She says: “we form a bond with certain pets that come in on a regular basis, so it is always nice to see familiar faces”.

Tiffany Schaffer, Professional Pet Groomer

Tiffany has always loved animals even when she was a little girl. Her whole life has been dedicated to animal welfare she has worked with many shelters. Making pets and owners happy is what she strives to do!

Kellie Tieman, Professional Pet Groomer

Kellie has been with Petwow since 2010. She has always had animals growing up and enjoys working with them. She loves seeing what a difference a hair cut can make! Kellie is always interested in learning new techniques, avenues and opportunities to better her skills so your pet will always look their best!

Monica Skidmore, Professional Pet Groomer

Monica was raised in Amelia, Ohio and is the proud caretaker of 2 pets, one dog and one cat. Monica has grown up with pets and has felt a special bond with them from an early age, knowing that she wanted to work with animals in some capacity. Indeed at one at one time she contemplated a career as a veterinarian. However, after receiving training in pet grooming at Live Oaks vocational school, the grooming profession felt natural and provided just the kind of opportunity to work with animals which she had been seeking. Monica recently commented “I love that even after 4 years I’m still learning something new each day. I love treating and seeing each pet on the table as a piece of art . . . It’s a wonderful feeling not only to completely transform a pet into something adorable and beautiful, but to also see the pet look and FEEL the part”. We here at PetWow are privileged to have Monica as part of our grooming team.

Ashtain Griffin, Professional Pet Groomer

Ashtain has worked at Petwow since October 2013, receiving her training on site. She has two cats and one dog and has been an animal lover her entire life. Having the opportunity to care for them on a daily basis as a career is something she greatly enjoys. Ashtain’s favorite part of grooming is the satisfaction derived from witnessing how a fresh hair cut can so radically transform a pet into a picture of beauty and sheer adorableness.    


Kelsey Bow, Professional Pet Groomer

Kelsey has always loved animals ever since she was a child! When she was younger she remembers getting excited when her dogs came home from the groomer looking cute and smelling amazing! She just knew someday she wanted to do the same! Kelsey’s family consists of herself, her husband, her daughter and 3 doggies! She has worked with rescues in the past fostering animals as well! Kelsey’s love for animals helped inspire her passion for grooming! One of her favorite quotes is, "Pets are not our whole life but they make our lives whole!" Pets are members of the family which is why she treats all of the dogs she grooms with the same love and compassion with which she would treat her own pets.

Lindsay Hagerman, Professional Pet Groomer

Growing up, Lindsay always wanted to be a veterinarian. Lindsay grew up with pets throughout her life and currently has two dogs. In addition, Lindsay has been grooming for almost 10 years! Her first concern is the well being of the pet and the owner's happiness.


Kayla Fletcher, Professional Pet Groomer

Here's a little about me. I am 23 years old. I have two kids, one is a boy and one is a girl. We have four pets. Two cats and two dogs. I went to school at Butler tech for vet tech and I also went to Colerain high school in Ohio. I was in band and marching band up until my senior year, I had knee problem that's why I had to stop. I can play two instruments. I've been grooming for five or six years. I love doing what I do.