Our History

The owners of Pet Wow's Home Veterinary Care operated a traditional walk-in practice for nearly 28 years and had always been aware of the great need for mobile veterinary care in today’s busy world. People often expressed that they did not have the time to give their pets all of the veterinary attention needed. Additionally, many people simply dreaded the prospect of loading one or more pets into their vehicle for a stressful car ride to the vet’s office.

After a great deal of research and planning, as well as visits to other successful mobile animal clinics in the country, Pet Wow's Home Veterinary Care saw its first customers in January 1998. Within seven months the number of doctors, staff, and veterinary vehicles nearly tripled due to the wonderful response of the public to the new and innovative service.

Today Pet Wow's Home Veterinary Care operates a fleet of mobile vet care vehicles as well as a fleet of Pet Taxi transport vans throughout the Greater Cincinnati - Northern Kentucky area. Pet Wow's surgical center is located just 7 minutes from downtown. In all, Pet Wow's Home Veterinary Care now employs over 20 staff members consisting of veterinarians, veterinary surgeons, veterinary technicians and other support staff. Over 11,000 customers and 16,000 pets now use Pet Wow's Home Veterinary Care services! We are grateful for the confidence that area pet owners have shown in our care and look forward to expanding our services and continuing to offer top notch animal care in a fully mobile environment for years to come.