Mobile Pet Grooming Advantages

Time is money! Life is busy! You have lots to do. When its time for your pet to get a hair cut or dog wash, let us come pick him or her up in our Pet Wow Pet Taxi. We will escort him or her back to our state of the art pet grooming salon where we can pamper your furry friend and return him or her home later in the day looking fabulous!

Let us foot the gas bill for travel back and forth to the pet grooming salon.


If you're like most people, trying to get your pet squeaky clean at home can be an ordeal. Save the trouble and let us give him or her a cleaning overhaul. Our basic bath and brush service will leave your furry friend looking and smelling their best. Our dog wash basic bath and brush includes deep shampooing and scrubbing of your pet with one of our custom shampoos to help restore the luster of your pet's fur coat. Next, we fully dry your pet and brush his or her coat until it shines. Our basic service also includes cleaning of the ears, eyes, and gland expression if necessary. Finally, we apply one of our custom pet colognes so that your pet leaves looking and smelling great.

Does your pet need a standard trim, summer cut, or shave? Our standard cuts and shaves include a full bath and brush plus a hair cut for your pet. This is our most popular service. If you need your pet's coat taken down to a certain length, or simply need an overall trim, our groomers are fully trained to meet your pet's needs. After a full bath and brush, our pet grooming staff use state of the art dog nail clipping, trimming and vacuum equipment to help achieve the look you want. No matter how big or how small your pet is, we have the expertise to give him or her the perfect hair cut.

Are you looking for something special for your pet's hair cut? Our groomers offer over 100 specialty breed cuts from Terriers to Toy Poodles. Custom breed cuts come with all the bells and whistles; pom pom feet, fur contouring; in short, whatever your pet's breed type requires for that professional stylized look. Our pet grooming staff will discuss the exact look you want to achieve. Custom breed cuts include all the services in the basic bath and brush as well as all the preparatory trimming and shaving before the custom work begins. Finally, our staff shape and contour your pet's fur coat to achieve all the details and pizzazz of a custom breed cut. 

Beyond the traditional grooming services mentioned above, we also offer innovative and unique treatments for pets who have excessive shedding problems or flea problems. Hair shedding reduction treatments such as “Furmination” can reduce your pet’s shedding by up to 80%! Our flea treatments will both immediately eradicate fleas as well as prevent flea infestation for months at a time.

One of the great advantages of Pet Wow's mobile pet grooming is that we have fantastic Pet Wow veterinarians on-site during your pet's daytime visit to the spa! You won't find that kind of convenience anywhere else. This means that while your pet is here for pet grooming, you can also have ANY needed veterinary services performed in one trip! Whether your pet needs vaccines, an exam, a spay or neuter, or any other veterinary care, the experienced Pet Wow veterinarians and veterinary surgeons can get the job done. Save yourself some hassle; have all of your pet's health care needs met in one convenient trip!