Tips to make your visit as smooth as possible

Posted on: January 9, 2019


Just thought we would stop in and drop a line or two. We thought we would discuss a few ways to help make your vet's (and your) life a little easier.

Tip 1- Before arriving for you visit to the vet be sure to bring anything that may be needed. If your pet is having an annual visit the vet may need a fecal sample, if you believe your pet is having urinary issues try to collect a urine sample in a clean dish, or if you're a new client please bring the previous records for your animal or have them faxed prior to your visit at 859-547-5003

Tip 2- If your pet has an ailment we recommend to write down what has been going on. This should include the length of these symptoms, in depth descriptions of what is happening, and any other relevant information. We all know how stressful it can be in our normal lives. We recommend this so no detail is forgotten while you're trying to comfort your animal, or while speaking to the Vet or Technician.

Tip 3-Try to always call before planning on visiting your DVM. Emergencies pop up, we recommend that if you don't have an appointment to call while on your way. This gives the staff, DVMs, and technicians some time to put together a plan on how to deal with this emergency case.

Tip 4- ALWAYS make sure your pet is either on a leash or in a carrier, you never know how other pets may react especially when they are already in a stressful situation. Doing this helps to ensure your pets safety along with others around you.

Just a few tips from your PetWOW Team!