Winter Walks with Mans Best Friend

Posted on: February 7, 2018

During the wintertime your pup’s paws can take a beating with all the snow, ice, and salt on the sidewalk. It’s important to protect their paw pads as they don’t have protection like we do when we wear shoes. Lucky for us, there are several ways to protect your dog’s paws this winter. Make sure to prepare for the cold weather with the following options:


Booties: Love them or hate them, booties are a good way to keep your dogs’ paws covered during the winter months. Not every breed is intended to withstand cold weather, therefore booties are an effective way to protect your canine’s paws because they offer warmth, full coverage, and are durable. It also makes for quite the laugh! Your pet may look and act a little goofy when you put the booties on for the first time but they will thank you later.


Keep a Towel on Hand: When taking your dog out for a walk, make sure to wipe down their paws afterwards. This will minimize any damage salt, ice, or other residue he may have stepped on during his stroll. If you have concerns with salt, consider dipping each paw in a bucket of lukewarm water and then towel drying or keep some baby wipes near the door and simply wipe off your pets paws as he enters the home.


Keep Walks Short: During the extreme cold, it’s best to keep walks short for your canine. Being out in the cold too long is dangerous and can lead to frostbite. Keep in mind, if it’s too cold for you, chances are it’s too cold for your dog too.


Vaseline: If you notice your pet licking at their paws they could be dry or cracked. Try rubbing some Vaseline on their paw pads for some added comfort and moisture.