If you’re looking for excellence in veterinary care, pet grooming and pet obedience training in the Florence Kentucky, Highland Heights and Greater Cincinnati area, combined with the greatest level of convenience for you and your pet, you’re looking in the right place.

Pet Wow's at-home services are designed to be your complete solution for your pet’s health, hygiene and behavioral needs in a fully mobile environment. We offer every medical procedure available in a traditional veterinary practice, as well as pet grooming taxi services and in home obedience training, in a way that allows you, the pet owner, to remain in the comfort of your own home. Equally important, we have structured our prices to remain competitive with traditional “walk-in” pet services.

Once you’ve considered the extensive time and money saving benefits of at-home pet care in relation to our competitive prices, we hope you’ll agree that Pet Wow's at-home services are a wonderful solution for your pet's needs.

At Home Services

Why Pet Wellness On Wheels?

  • Reduce stress for you and your pet(s)
  • Save time, we come to you on YOUR schedule
  • Save gas, we drive to you
  • Go ahead, compare our prices with NON-mobile pet care providers.