Shonda Burns, Professional Pet Groomer

Shonda always had pets growing up and always wanted to be a biologist or work with animals doing research so her interest in pets has always been there. She likes seeing the pets that she works with all the time. She says: “we form a bond with certain pets that come in on a regular basis, so it is always nice to see familiar faces”.

Tiffany Schaffer, Professional Pet Groomer

Tiffany has always loved animals even when she was a little girl. Her whole life has been dedicated to animal welfare she has worked with many shelters. Making pets and owners happy is what she strives to do!

Kellie Tieman, Professional Pet Groomer

Kellie has been with Petwow since 2010. She has always had animals growing up and enjoys working with them. She loves seeing what a difference a hair cut can make! Kellie is always interested in learning new techniques, avenues and opportunities to better her skills so your pet will always look their best!

Ashtain Griffin, Professional Pet Groomer

Ashtain has worked at Petwow since October 2013, receiving her training on site. She has two cats and one dog and has been an animal lover her entire life. Having the opportunity to care for them on a daily basis as a career is something she greatly enjoys. Ashtain’s favorite part of grooming is the satisfaction derived from witnessing how a fresh hair cut can so radically transform a pet into a picture of beauty and sheer adorableness.    


Samantha Naylor, Professional Pet Groomer

My family has always been heavily involved in volunteer animal rescue groups such as CCR (Concerned Citizens Rescue) and Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue. I have also volunteered for Clermont County Humane Society. My mother was a groomer, and I always loved watching her work. I attended Cincinnati State for vet tech, but was unable to finish due to being a busy fun mom. In my spare time I love playing tennis, kayaking, and bike riding with my kids.

Morgan Williams, Professional Pet Groomer

Animals have always been an important part of my life, and I always knew I would have a career working with them. I had a strong focus on animal sciences through school, with plans on becoming an equine vet or trainer. Upon moving to Northern Kentucky, I discovered grooming and fell in love. It's my passion to truly make a difference in our pet's health and well-being, and grooming is such a fulfilling way to accomplish that. I don't just help make your furry friend look their best, I help them feel comfortable and healthy. I've been looking after pets since 2013, and I know I've truly found my niche.

Nicole Trimble, Professional Pet Groomer

There has never been a time in my life where I have not had one kind of pet or another. I have always had a soft spot and a passion for animals. I started working in the grooming business as a bather, just planning on it being a “fun part time job” until something better came along. I discovered how much I loved working with animals and decided to make it my career. I have now been grooming for over ten years and still love coming in and getting puppy kisses and helping them feel their best!

Leah Iles, Professional Pet Groomer

I've always loved animals. Working with fur babies is a blessing. I began work at PetWow as a grooming assistant and was ultimately trained to become a professional pet groomer. For me, the greatest joy of pet grooming is making the animals look and feel better. Seeing their happy tails wagging is the best part and, of course, the puppy kisses are a bonus! I enjoy increasing the happiness of pets and the owners who love them; so I'm looking forward to continuing my pet grooming career for years to come!