Virginia Simpson - Cincinnati Dog Trainer

Virginia Simpson provides her clients and their dogs with a balanced training approach including off-leash obedience solutions. She began her professional career in dog training in 2003, providing in-home training for the clients of the Stray Animal Adoption Program (SAAP), a 501(c)(3) foster care program that helps find homes for displaced animals.

Through her experiences with SAAP, it quickly became apparent that the #1 reason dogs are given up, hands down, is a lack of or improper behavior training. And so began a passion to educate dogs and their owners! Virginia continues to enjoy fostering, implementing training techniques to help dogs become more adoptable, and conducting canine temperament assessments for SAAP and currently serves on the Board of Governors.

Virginia studied and mentored with a number of experienced dog trainers and later went on to receive her professional training certification from the Animal Behavior College.

She opened Unleashed Canine Obedience in July 2007 and has since received her advanced training certification in the use of E-Touch™ and the ForceFree™ training methods for a variety of aggression issues in dogs and the implementation of the natural retrieve and forced-fetch at the International School for Dog Trainers with Martin Deeley in Montverde, Florida and Marc Goldberg of Chicagoland School for Dogs.

Virginia has also studied Chad Mackin's Pack to Basic's program to learn how "to use a dog's naturally strong social behavior to reduce stress and fear; build confidence and language skills and allowing for many common behavior problems to slip away."

Additionally, she holds a degree in Psychology from the University of Arkansas. Due to the ever changing landscape of dog training, Virginia continues her education in dog training techniques and dog behavior through seminars, collaboration with other trainers and workshops.

Virginia has spent thousands of hours working to incorporate a number of balanced training methods into her own personal techniques to develop the UnlE-eashed™ Method.